Scientific Art Project Introduction

This blogging project is going to be about scientific art (SciArt), with a special focus on illustration. Diagrams, illustrations, models, and exhibits are all important parts of teaching science, whether they be in a children’s museum or a complex scholarly article. As a student of both biology and art, this is a sort of natural progression of my studies. I’ve recently started to explore it, and I want to learn more about both creation and application. This will require research, refinement of skills, and careful consideration of particular audiences.

Below is a sample piece that I completed several months ago (more here). I plan to work with another skull specimen for this project (this is a kangaroo skull.


Some interesting related links:

The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators Website

Schoolism is a site where artists can get access to expert-taught online art classes for a very low price.

DeviantArt is a community-driven art forum where users can post work and connect with others.


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